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Ohio Crossbow Hunter Downs Massive Whitetail

Multiple trail cameras, careful strategy key Kevin Miller's attack on giant Ohio non-typical buck.

Ohio Crossbow Hunter Downs Massive Whitetail

Kevin Miller along with wife, Kate, and son, Levi, celebrate with Blades. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Miller)

Most of us like to think of ourselves as serious deer hunters. After all, we think about deer hunting year round, practice with our bows and crossbows, invest in new gear and clothing, and study trail camera photos in our spare time.

But for 31-year-old Kevin Miller, an Air Force veteran who lives in the Ohio, chasing deer is something much more serious than the weekend warrior approach mentioned above.

After all, how else do you explain the serious effort and money required to put out more than a half-dozen mineral sites on a friend’s small farm and on a newly acquired 400-acre parcel nearby, along with 38 game cameras set to record countless photos in the months...

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