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Off-the-Script Tactics for Your Best Buck Ever

Locate and hunt the areas that are most overlooked for whitetail reward this fall.

Off-the-Script Tactics for Your Best Buck Ever

Deer are drawn to areas where few hunters dare to tread. Swampy areas, for example, offer an almost impenetrable sanctuary. (Shutterstock image)

Putting yourself in the best position to kill a deer doesn't always mean overlooking a lush, knee-deep food plot or sitting in a stand near an oak dropping acorns. Those are great stand locations if you have access to them, of course, but they're dream spots—the hot table at the trendy restaurant, the catered skybox at the football game.

For every hot stand, there are countless ugly ducklings that can produce just as well. These are the overlooked pockets, the places no hunter in camp wants or dares to go to. Maybe the walk is long and arduous. Perhaps the woods are...

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