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The Number One Way to Ruin Deer Season

Craving a successful fall? You can't let them know you're there.

The Number One Way to Ruin Deer Season

The most direct route to your stand isn’t always the best route. To be consistently successful, you must access your hunting areas without allowing the deer to see, hear or smell you.

Violating the cardinal rule of bowhunting is the No. 1 season killer. That rule you should always uphold: You can’t kill them if they know they are being hunted.

Maybe it won’t kill your season, but it will make success much more difficult to attain. Once a game animal realizes it's being hunted, it won’t move as naturally and definitely not as much in daylight. For the bowhunter, that change in behavior is the kiss of death.

The trick, then, is to keep them from knowing you are hunting them. To do that, you need to understand all the ways they can detect our intent.

Pressure Gauge

Focusing on whitetails, they aren’t omniscient. They...

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