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Moose Hunting: Back-to-Back Bulls

When you find success with a location and a tactic, you “rinse and repeat” as long as it keeps working.

Moose Hunting: Back-to-Back Bulls

My bull moose fell prey to a solid setup plan, good calling, a bow-mounted decoy — and a well-placed arrow.

In 2021, my good friend Darryl Amason was able to realize his goal of arrowing an Alaskan moose. That hunt didn’t lack for adventure and excitement. Darryl and I had located a good bull and snuck to within 300 yards. The rut was in full swing, and the bull had a cow with him. Our plan was to stalk a little closer, then for me to call the bull into bow range of Darryl.

Just when we were both feeling like, “we got this,” I felt a slight breeze on my neck. The topography of the land was funneling the wind toward the moose, and it didn’t take long before the gig was up.

A couple days later we were blessed to be looking through our binoculars at another...

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