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Managing Deer Habitat with Prescribed Fire

Prescribed fire is a cost-effective way to improve your hunting property. Your whitetails will love the result.

Managing Deer Habitat with Prescribed Fire

Old fields burned during the dormant season recover quickly with native browse and cover. (Bill Konway | Realtree Media)

There is a universal truth in whitetail habitat management: Yellowjacket wasps do not lead solitary lives. They love to sting when you’re on an open-cab tractor with a spinning implement behind you and no hope of a rapid escape. The first hit usually lands between your shoulders and is only the beginning of a hellish fury to follow.

This is a late-summer tradition for many deer hunters. In order to be ready for the season, you’ve got to get the “bush hogging” done first, and when you’re mowing a field one pass after another, you’re probably going to find a wasp nest or two. Even if you don’t, the process is still miserable. In fact, the...

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