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Make Ready for Deer Meat

Knowing how to properly handle and process meat will better your hunting experience and improve your health.

Make Ready for Deer Meat

A delicious-tasting venison meal starts in the field. By having the proper butchering equipment and knowing how to use it, whitetail hunters give themselves a one-way ticket to a quality product. (Photo courtesy of Mark Kayser)

In case you have been living in a cave feeding yourself with freeze-dried meals due to the pandemic paranoia, consumer prices are on an upward march led by inflation. Caught squarely in the middle of this working-class dilemma is meat. Yep, that delicious meal centerpiece you push aside the bowl of cauliflower to reach for first has sticker shock. Conveniently, meat is your game if you are reading North American Whitetail.

Although antlers may be your googly-eyed focus, that gorgeous hat rack comes complete with a muscle package of good eating. Now, more than ever, venison plays an important role in providing for your family while delivering healthy protein from your...

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