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The M1 Garand Rifle, What Made It Great?

We examine not only what made the M1 Garand a great fighting rifle, but also some of its weak points.

The M1 Garand Rifle, What Made It Great?

The M1 Garand rifle played an important role in winning World War II, but what made it great?

In a world of bolt-action Kar 98ks, Carcanos, and Arisakas, the GI’s semi-automatic M1 “Garand” rifle was a game-changer on the battlefield. Its higher rate of fire, higher magazine capacity and fast reloading combined with its accuracy and reliability effectively provided over-match to the enemy’s bolt-action rifles. These features endeared it to the soldiers who carried it into harm’s way. GI’s loved it, the enemy respected it and today firearm collectors seek them out.

As M1 rifles remain hugely popular with both collectors and shooters, I decided to take a closer look at this historically significant design. I wanted to delve...

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