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Long Island Legend

A thrilling hunt in New York's easternmost county produces the state's new No. 1 typical by bow.

Long Island Legend

The author’s buck, which has a net typical score of 191 7/8 inches Pope & Young, is indeed historic. It’s now the state’s largest ever typical by bow, and the No. 2 overall. Only Roosevelt Luckey’s 1938 gun kill tops it. (Photo courtesy of Dieter Herbert)

Discovering a Giant

In December 2019, my brother and I received game camera images of a tremendous whitetail buck working a mock scrape. We instantly knew this was a world class buck, and we had to do whatever we could to get on this buck the following season.

My brother and I spent hundreds of hours scouting different places in effort to find the buck’s core area. After not being able to determine the exact core area of the buck, who we nicknamed “Split G4,” we figured we’d have to stay put in the thick, small-acreage piece of woods where we had been set up the previous season.

It became clear that the best option here was to set up on the...

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