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.221 Fireball Load Data

Often referred to as being derived from the .222 Remington, the .221 Fireball is more aptly described as a shortened .223 Remington. Here's some great load data to help you achieve the best 5-shot groups.

.221 Fireball Load Data

The .221 Fireball was created in 1959 as the initial chambering for Remington’s new, unique, “space-age” XP-100 bolt-action pistol. (Photo courtesy of Lane Pearce)

Most folks think that Gaston Glock introduced pistols with plastic receivers in the mid-1980s. Actually, Remington introduced a bolt-action, single-shot handgun with an injection-molded Zytel stock more than 20 years earlier (1963). Granted, the XP-100’s receiver was not plastic—neither is the Glock’s—but the XP-100 was definitely not a conventional handgun. It was commonly identified as something the sci-fi superhero Buck Rogers might have used as he traveled around the universe fighting evil.

Obviously, such a uniquely exotic firearm warranted a specifically designed cartridge. In this case, it’s the .221 Fireball. Typically referred to as being...

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