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Fly Fishing Little Yellow Stoneflies

Isoperla bilineata, more commonly known as the Little Yellow Stonefly or the Yellow Sally, offers good fishing opportunities.

Fly Fishing Little Yellow Stoneflies

Search the water with a Little Yellow Stonefly when nothing is hatching. (Cathy & Barry Beck photo)

My first exposure to the small, yellow-colored stoneflies of Isoperla bilineata, or the Yellow Sally, came many years ago during my teen years in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania on Kettle Creek. Kettle Creek flows nestled in the deep folds of the Black Forest Mountains of Potter County in north central Pennsylvania. The Kettle's steep mountain valley was the scene of extensive logging at the end of the 19th century, and the virgin hemlock, white pine, and hardwood stands were cut clear to supply the rapidly growing cities of the East Coast. The lumberjacks' crosscut saws and double-bit axes swept over the mountains of north central Pennsylvania like a brush fire consuming...

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