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Completing the Lewis & Clark Whitetail Slam: Part 2

Not many can say they've tagged out on big whitetails from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Atlantic.

Completing the Lewis & Clark Whitetail Slam: Part 2
Part 2 of chronicling the author’s coast-to-coast slam takes readers into familiar whitetail territory. This big 9-point came from the author’s first-ever Missouri hunt in 2007. (Photo by Gordon Whittington)

Killing your way across the continent sounds like some fictional Hollywood script. Yet shooting a respectable whitetail buck in each state of a chain from the Pacific to the Atlantic is not only possible, it’s been done. I know because I did it.

How rare is this feat? No one officially tracks such things, so your guess is as good as mine. But I doubt it’s been achieved often, simply because the obscure requirements run counter to how most deer hunters operate. Few whitetailers will hunt another state or province unless they feel there’s a legitimate chance to shoot bigger deer there, and not every state is a hotspot.

But there’s something to be said...

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