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Kill Plots Anyone Can Grow

As the fall planting season gets underway, remember that good feed and a great location is the ticket to your success.

Kill Plots Anyone Can Grow

Food plots are a proven way to keep deer on your property, but kill plots will help you create a shot opportunity, even on small properties.

When it comes to bowhunting whitetails, food plots are always a huge part of the discussion. In fact, a quality food plot is one of the most effective tools when it comes to overall deer management and herd health.

For the most part, there are two types of plots: Feeding plots, and kill plots. Feeding plots are designed to hold deer on your property year-round, are generally five-plus acres in size, and tend to draw deer from multiple locations. Kill plots are just that: A place to kill. They are typically a quarter to a half-acre in size, irregular in shape, and are often more difficult to access. For the bowhunter who has little equipment to work with, and even less time, these...

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