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KelTec Bolt-Action Rifle? Meet the Grendel SRT

The Grendel SRT is the only bolt-action rifle design from KelTec founder George Kellgren. It's innovative, way ahead of its time, and — you guessed it — equipped with a folding stock.

KelTec Bolt-Action Rifle? Meet the Grendel SRT

(Photo by Michael Anschuetz)

Guns are my life, so I’m always on the lookout for deals on unique firearms. Last fall, while perusing an upcoming Rock Island Auction, I stumbled upon a rare and mysterious Sako AII in .358 Winchester. What caught my eye was the black polymer underfolding stock, which I recognized immediately from a handful of photos I’d seen on the internet. When hours of research produced more questions than answers, I decided the only responsible option was to buy it.

I had stumbled upon a Grendel SRT, which you’ve maybe never heard of. If you have heard of it, you’ve likely never seen one in...

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