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How Whitetail Experts Surgically Hunt Big Bucks

Developing a “surgical” hunt strategy will give you more high-odds trips afield.

How Whitetail Experts Surgically Hunt Big Bucks

To consistently kill mature whitetails, hunters need to develop a plan that’s surgically precise. (Photo courtesy of Adam Lewis)

To consistently take big bucks in often pressured areas, it takes a hunter with precise skills, plans and executions. Let’s face it, huge mature bucks aren’t hiding behind every tree, even in “big buck” states! And sealing the deal on one of these wary ghosts is an extremely challenging feat.

Sure, a hunter can luck into bagging a brute occasionally; but what does it take to do this year after year? The answer is precise hunting tactics, which I refer to as “surgical hunting.” Like the hands of a highly skilled doctor, some of the best hunters have learned that delicate and exact moves are needed to take a mature whitetail. There’s little...

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