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How to Tie Faster Knots

Less time tying knots means more time catching fish.

How to Tie Faster Knots

Too many fly fishers waste precious fishing time while tying knots. If you reduce tippet loss, practice close fingertip control, and use the right knots for the task at hand, you’ll save time and catch more fish. (Steve Vaccariello photo)

The fly that remains in the water the longest catches the most fish. On most days, this is an unavoidable truth. As a guide, and former competitor and coach for Fly Fishing Team USA, I’ve learned that angler efficiency and time management make a huge difference when it comes to being more productive on the water. Tying faster knots is one of the many skills I’m always trying to improve, with the goal of keeping my flies in the water longer.

In a culture obsessed with time hacking, I want to be clear that what I’m about to write is not a hack or a shortcut. Instead, these are very simple concepts, principles, and alternative methods that will cut down on your...

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