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How to Pattern Bucks in the Early Season

How to Pattern Bucks in the Early Season
If you plan carefully and hunt only when conditions are right, the first couple weeks of the season can provide some of the best opportunities of the year. Here, author Clint Casper poses with his best early-season buck, taken not far from his Ohio home.

It’s no secret in the whitetail world that patterns kill big bucks. In my opinion, there is no better time to find a mature buck on a pattern than the early season! With most bucks still in bachelor groups and on predictable summer feeding and bedding schedules, now is the perfect time to catch up with Mr. Big before he knows he’s being hunted!

So, how do you figure out early-season buck patterns and put yourself in position to capitalize? Follow along as I fill you in on my roadmap for early-season success!

Finding a Buck

The first step in killing an early-season buck is to locate one that is consistently putting itself in position to be hunted...

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