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How To Master Uphill & Downhill Shots

Extreme practice will make you extremely prepared.

How To Master Uphill & Downhill Shots
In order to be proficient under any and all conditions you might encounter as a bowhunter, you must practice extreme shots under extreme conditions.

Every sport offers opportunities to stretch one’s abilities by going to extremes during practice sessions. Archery is no different.

If you want to become a better shot and a better bowhunter, you need to expand your practice sessions. You probably won’t become the Tiger Woods of bowhunting or shooting, but I guarantee you’ll improve your skills dramatically.

If you hunt very long, you will probably make many awkward shots during your bowhunting career. To be consistently successful, you must be able to shoot proficiently under all circumstances and in every type of habitat, terrain and weather.

When bowhunting, it’s not often you get to stand...

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