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How to Make Jerky from Your Upland Birds

In this guide, we establish some parameters, but ultimately what direction you take your upland bird jerky is up to you.

How to Make Jerky from Your Upland Birds

Jerky is a journey, not a destination. (Photo By: Jack Hennessy)

Sure, you can settle on a gun dog breed for life—that is acceptable—but when it comes to upland bird jerky, you’re meant to tweak, refine, and experiment. However, there are some general best practices when making great-tasting jerky with your upland birds. 

What Upland Birds to Use for Jerky

The short answer is any upland bird. The basic method remains the same: You’re dehydrating game meat. Whereas you might cook a prairie chicken breast to 135 degrees Fahrenheit and a pheasant breast to 155, red-versus-white upland bird meat does make a difference here. All meat gets dehydrated, and therefore fully cooked. Yes, spices, butchering techniques...

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