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How to Hunt Target Bucks When They Disappear

Sometimes no matter how good your plan is, a target buck will still give you the slip.

How to Hunt Target Bucks When They Disappear

Have you ever struggled to pinpoint the home base of a specific whitetail? Some mature bucks will travel several miles to seek out food sources, cover or rut action. (Photo By: Jim Cumming/

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as making a game plan for taking a big buck, then seeing him do exactly what we wanted him to. As some members of our hunting group are fond of saying, it’s as if he’s read our script and agreed to follow it to a “T.”

On the flip side of this, however, are those mature whitetails that seem to have read and rejected our plans even before we’ve drawn them up. While we might suspect they’ll be using a certain travel route or visiting a particular food source at a certain time, such suspicions often remain unconfirmed.

Along with not making himself visible, a buck might be leaving less and less fresh...

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