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How to Follow Unconventional Blood Trails

All bowhunters will encounter tough tracking jobs at some point. Make smart decisions to recover deer under the worst circumstances.

How to Follow Unconventional Blood Trails

Ethical hunters must put forth every effort to recover game; be ready for any scenario you might encounter on the track. (Photo By: Chris Ingram)

Ethical archery hunters wish for all blood trails to be easy and short. But reality is a one-way train that travels in the real world, and sometimes, the stop is a weird, hard-to-follow track. Most of us have dealt with these bizarre blood trails, and those who haven’t likely will at some point. Being prepared for these can mean the difference in recovering wounded deer, or not.

Typical Blood Trails

To understand what a weird, abnormal blood trail is, you must know what it is not. In other words, you must know what a “normal” blood trail looks like. And even though no two blood trails are exactly alike, there are ways to know if the...

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