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Guide to Venison Cooking Temperatures

Cooking venison and utilizing the whole animal should not be a mystery. From steaks to braising to jerky, here are some tips on the best temperatures to cook different cuts of venison.

Guide to Venison Cooking Temperatures

The best venison burgers are freshly ground right before cooking and then cooked to medium-rare or medium. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley)

Steak and kebab meat mostly come from the loins, tenderloins, and hindquarters of a deer. The loins and rounds – especially – are large, whole muscles that have no silver skin in them. The backstraps obviously make great steaks, but on a young deer or doe, you can get equally delicious meat from the hindquarters.

Venison Steaks

For the best-tasting steaks, shoot for medium-rare. But in other cases, internal temperatures will vary.

  • Rare steaks fall in the 125- to 130-degree category. Steaks remain very tender in this temperature range, but with a cool center. With little heat to do its magic, steaks are more raw than juicy at this stage....

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