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Gru-Bee's Vintage Replica 3/4 Inch Pup Rimfire Scopes

Do modern scopes look too big for your vintage rimfire rifles? The Gru-Bee Wolf Pup and Fox Pup ¾-inch scopes are reminiscent of the classic “Baby Redfields.”

Gru-Bee's Vintage Replica 3/4 Inch Pup Rimfire Scopes
If you liked the original Baby Redfield scopes, these unique replicas from Gru-Bee are as close to the real-deal as you can get.

It’s amazing to stop and consider the technological advancements of rifle scopes in even the last 10 years, especially for long-range shooting. I often use my Leupold Mark5HD for a lot of rifle reviews and competitions. Picture for a moment, though, putting that rifle scope on a vintage rimfire rifle; to say it would look ridiculous is an understatement. There is certainly a case to be made for having a lot more scope than gun, but there comes a point of diminishing returns in this case. A Mark5HD on a vintage rifle might be an extreme example, but it showcases a point that scope manufacturers definitely aren’t making scopes smaller anymore. In fact, it seems that a race is...

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