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Go Close for Public Land Elk Hunting

Why walk past good elk dirt to access ground you “hope” will be just a little bit better?

Go Close for Public Land Elk Hunting

The "Go Deep for Public Land Elk" drum has been beaten too hard. Elk hunters should understand there are great benefits to hunting closer places. (Photo courtesy of Jace Bauserman) 

I’m as much to blame as anyone. For years I beat the “go deeper for elk” drum. Stupid! I was walking by solid elk ground to access areas I hoped would sound like a Primos video. I stumbled into very few of those locales over the years. More often than not, I found myself miles from the truck with no elk to hunt.

I’m not sure if it was age or just the want to spend less time hiking and more time hunting elk, but three years ago, I changed my archery elk approach. My buddies and I were planning our yearly trip to a heavily pressured over-the-counter Colorado unit, and we opted to try something new. I wasn’t the brains of this operation. In fact, I fought...

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