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Fly Fishing for Lake Trout

How and where to target these freshwater gray whales.

Fly Fishing for Lake Trout

Lake trout are native to the Great Lakes and across Canada’s far north, but they have also been successfully introduced to lakes and reservoirs in many Western states. (Naoto Aoki photo)

“Lake trout have been on the edge of my fishing world. Now and then I cross paths and sometimes match my skill with their weight and strength. I’ve been much too restless, too much a caster, to take time to troll. Still, there have been times when they’ve surprised me and given me a battle to remember.”

—From Fishing With Lee Wulff

Sky and water formed a vague, gray curtain at the far edge of the world. Slowly finning away in all directions, a herd of drab torpedoes blending into dappled boulders six feet down completed the chiaroscuro. Each pass over the spine of a four-mile reef pushed lake trout from the...

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