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How to Fine-Tune Your Bow's Cam System

The heart of any compound bow is its cam system. When it's working in harmony, it will propel arrows smoothly and consistently, producing accuracy beyond belief.

How to Fine-Tune Your Bow's Cam System

When a bow’s cam system is working in harmony, consistency is easier to achieve. For example, suddenly the bow is easier to pull back and aim at full draw, since the cams aren’t “fighting” each other like before. This greatly enhances shooting stability and forgiveness.

Despite all the technological advancements in today’s archery world, few things can improve accuracy more than a well-tuned bow. It doesn’t matter if the bow is new or old, a bow that cycles arrows smoothly and consistently can make all the difference in world with improving an archer’s confidence and success whether punching bull’s eyes or the vitals on a big buck.

The key, of course, is doing the necessary work to ensure the bow’s eccentrics are functioning as a complete unit. When the “system” is not in harmony, the arrow’s launch pattern becomes erratic and indirect. In other words, the arrow’s nock is whipped up or down...

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