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Field Test: Savage Arms 110 KLYM (and Impulse KLYM)

Two new lightweight rifles—and new suppressors—from Savage Arms are put to the test on pronghorn in northern New Mexico.

Field Test: Savage Arms 110 KLYM (and Impulse KLYM)

Savage’s Impulse KLYM, like previous Impulse rifles, features a straight-pull bolt-action design that allows for rapid cycling and follow-up shots. (Photo courtesy of Savage Arms)

More and more hunters—especially those whose pursuits take them deep into the backcountry or require long hikes to a stand—are beginning to appreciate the advantages of having a lightweight hunting rifle. A lighter rifle simply carries easier, whether strapped to a pack, slung over the shoulder or held in the hand. For those wanting to attach a powerful optic, a suppressor or other accessories, starting with a lightweight gun also helps keep the finished rifle from becoming a brick you reluctantly tote afield.

New materials have made building lightweight rifles easier and many manufacturers are taking advantage of this. There are now tons of accurate hunting rifles that...

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