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The Father of High Velocity: Charles Newton

Perhaps not as widely known as P.O. Ackley, Charles Newton was a prolific high-velocity cartridge creator.

The Father of High Velocity: Charles Newton

Charles Newton (1870–1932) was a rifle cartridge genius. Many of his cartridge creations broke the velocity boundaries of their time and were the seeds for many cartridges that are popular today.

Charles Newton, who preferred to be called Chas, was an early pioneer of high-velocity rifle cartridges. He championed the lever-action type of rifle, eventually creating a unique hybrid LeverBolt action. He promoted handloading for enjoyment and invented his own reloading tools. He experimented with “progressive burning” gunpowder mixtures and produced his own protected-point bullet that featured a copper wire embedded in the tip. He was granted patents on many of his designs, and interestingly, he did all that after first becoming a lawyer.

Born on January 8, 1870, Charles Newton grew up in Western New York. By 1894, he was married, and the next year he went to law...

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