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Fastest Way: 4 Steps to Field-Dress a Deer

Make these four easy cuts to complete the deer field-dressing process in minutes.

Fastest Way: 4 Steps to Field-Dress a Deer
Speed shouldn’t be your focus when using a knife, but gutting a deer isn’t complex. Follow this simple four-step process, and you’ll have it field-dressed in no time. (Lynn Burkhead photo)

Cut 1

With the deer on its back, lift its rump and slide something beneath its hindquarters to expose anal and/or vaginal openings. Using a sharp, “pointy” knife with a 4- to 6-inch blade, puncture the skin an inch to one side of the anus. Push the knife straight in to its hilt. Keeping it level and pointed straight ahead, cut a coring hole around the anus. If you shot a doe, include the vaginal opening in the cut.

Make one more knife pass around the pelvic canal’s interior to cut all connective tissue between the colon and pelvic canal. Don’t sever the colon. With one hand, tug lightly where the anus connects to it. Reach inside the pelvic canal...

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