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Eye Dominance: Are You Shooting the Right Way?

Cross-dominance — when your dominant hand is opposite of your dominant eye — can pose a real challenge for bowhunters.

Eye Dominance: Are You Shooting the Right Way?

Shooting the right way (in my case, the left way) based on eye dominance, will ultimately make you a deadlier bowhunter.

There are numerous studies and polls confirming that 90 percent of our planet’s inhabitants use their right hand to complete their everyday tasks, leaving the remaining 10 percent of us to achieve those same goals left-handed. I was born into that minority. I remember my mother telling me stories about her childhood teachers trying to discipline, or restrain, her from using her left hand to write or use scissors until her mother, also an educator, intervened. It seems that conforming has always been the easier answer. The Scottish use the odd term, “Corrie fisted,” to label us left-handers.

My dad was a child of the Great Depression, and both he and my older...

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