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Essential Gear to Go Off-Grid

Don't let equipment failures spoil your next remote adventure.

Essential Gear to Go Off-Grid

If you want to “get away from it all,” you’ll need the right gear.

My pack seemed to get heavier as I eased up the switchbacks toward the basin. Not that it was light when I started nearly a half-dozen miles back, but now my 6,000 cu. in. pack was feeling more like 7,000; and the combination of altitude, age, and the heavy load had slowed my pace considerably.

As I’ve gotten older, seeking solitude has become more important than actually notching a tag; however, truth be told, I was hoping my extra efforts to go off-grid would be rewarded with both.

After reaching a cluster of pines and setting up camp, I brewed a cup of coffee in the chilled mountain air and watched the sun fade behind the horizon. The silence was truly deafening. It...

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