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Ear Infection Info for Duck Dog Owners

From mildly annoying to potentially serious, ear infections are something retriever owners should be aware of.

Ear Infection Info for Duck Dog Owners

Detecting an ear infection in your retriever might be as simple as a quick look into the ear canal, but true diagnosis and treatment should be left to a veterinarian. (Tony J. Peterson photo)

Earlier this spring, we dog-sat for my brother-in-law. As soon as he dropped Leni off, I reached down to scratch her behind the ear. She whimpered instantly, so I calmed her down and took a look at her inner ear. Prominent patches of dark wax and a strong yeast smell told me all I needed to know.

While I’m not a veterinarian, I did own a golden retriever at one point that was prone to ear infections. Actually, she was plagued by them. It was terrible, and a...

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