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How to Dry Age Venison in Your Refrigerator

To age a whole deer, you need space. If you don't have room and hanging a deer is not an option for you, try aging the meat in your refrigerator with these tips.

How to Dry Age Venison in Your Refrigerator

You can dry-age your venison in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley)

When possible, I try to dry age venison. Hanging meat allows the muscles to relax from rigor mortis, which lasts about 24 hours. It also gives the meat’s natural enzymes time to break down connective tissues, resulting in more tender, flavorful venison.

But to age a whole deer, you need space. My husband and I live in the city, so hanging deer is not always an option. To tackle this obstacle, we’ve resorted to aging meat in our refrigerator.

Which Cuts Should You Age in the Refrigerator?

When aging meat in tight spaces, you have to be selective of the cuts you want to age. Only age cuts that you’ll use for steaks, kebabs, or stir fry....

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