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DIY Dog First Aid Kit

Here are the tools you should carry should you need to care for an injured dog in the field.

DIY Dog First Aid Kit

By constructing your own dog first aid kit you’re giving your dog a fighting chance for survival should things go terribly wrong in the field. (Photo By: Brad Fitzpatrick)

Hunters have a special appreciation for the peace and solitude of remote, wild places, but there are risks associated with being far afield and away from medical attention. A single errant step can turn a relaxing day into an emergency, so you must be prepared to deal with a crisis in the field.

When you hunt with a dog, you must consider your canine companion’s safety as well. This requires being prepared to render first aid to your dog if necessary, and that means you’ll need to have the right tools required to treat their injuries in the field. The best way to ensure that you have what you need is to pack a dog first aid kit for every hunt.

This emergency kit...

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