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Deciphering The Shot: Be Patient Until You're Sure

Once the arrow is off, there are no do-overs. To ensure a successful outcome, listen to your gut — it's seldom wrong.

Deciphering The Shot: Be Patient Until You're Sure

When faced with the moment of truth, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. If you’re not 100-percent sure, then be patient until a better shot opportunity presents itself.

The terrain was gnarly for a caribou hunt — 50-degree inclines, shale slopes, rocky cliffs, and huge crevasses that all needed careful navigation in order to reach prominent ridgetops. This is where these surefooted caribou escaped the misery of black flies, which were so prevalent in the willow-thick valleys below.

For several days in a row, and dozens of hard-walking miles later, my guide and I hadn’t seen much more than a dozen or so of these tall-racked nomads — with zero shooting opportunities. For many reasons, I felt like I was on a Dall sheep adventure, not a caribou hunt.

So, when one nice bull suddenly materialized out of nowhere — nearly a...

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