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Daylight Deer Movement During the Rut

Deciphering new deer data for rut success

Daylight Deer Movement During the Rut
According to new data, deer move during daylight hours more than hunters realize but likely don't travel as far when pressured.

I’ll bet my new bow you’ve heard a hunting buddy say something like: “That big buck went nocturnal on me, and I never saw him again.”

But “Public Hunts on Deer Movements and Behavior,” a recent study by Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW), suggests hunters may not have as much influence on buck movement and behavior as we think—at least not during the rut. The TPW study also revealed interesting data concerning the home ranges of bucks and the best times to hunt.

The study was conducted by capturing and GPS-collaring 30 mature deer (14 does and 16 bucks) aged 3.5 years and older. Their...

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