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Deer Diagram: Complete Guide To The Cuts of Venison

Want to get the most out of your deer? Learn what each cut is best used for with this guide, complete with a venison processing chart and recipe suggestions.

Deer Diagram: Complete Guide To The Cuts of Venison

Like this Venison Processing Chart? Download a large, printable version (for personal use) here: JPG version | PDF version (North American Whitetail / Outdoor Sportsman Group Illustration)

There’s more to venison than just backstrap, tenderloin and hamburger. Venison is versatile, but it would be a mistake to expect the same results from every part of a deer. Each cut is special in its own right. The cooking suggestions below will help you get the most out of your deer.

Venison Neck

Venison neck is laced with silver skin and oftentimes fat. It’s one of my favorite cuts for slow cooking. All that collagen breaks down with slow, low heat, and takes on an amazing texture that rivals that of pork shoulder.

However, because of its odd shape, I like to use the neck for dishes that call for shredded meat, dishes such as tamales, tacos, burritos...

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