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Crawdad and Shrimp Stuffed Carp Recipe

This stuffed carp recipe will wow your guests in more ways than one. It has a beautiful presentation, delivers incredible flavor, and is best eaten in a unique way – with your hands.

Crawdad and Shrimp Stuffed Carp Recipe

Give your dinner guests a memorable dining experience with this Crawdad and Shrimp Stuffed Carp Recipe. (Photo courtesy of Rydell Danzie)

In this carp recipe, a whole carp is stuffed with crawdads (aka crayfish), shrimp, and seasonings. The stuffed carp is then wrapped up in banana leaves and grilled. The banana leaves create a pocket around the fish, trapping steam, liquids, and flavor within.

This Crawdad and Shrimp Stuffed Carp dish offers a full dinner experience. It's a unique and satisfying meal that is loaded with protein and perfect for entertaining friends and family. The presentation and taste of this so-called "rough fish" will delight your dinner guests. Who knew carp could taste so good?

Crawdad and Shrimp Stuffed Carp is best eaten traditional style with your hands, as the bones are still in the...

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