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Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing Poor Arrow Flight

Frustration will set in quickly if your arrows won't fly properly. Don't worry — we can correct that!

Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing Poor Arrow Flight

Every bow requires some degree of tuning to achieve maximum forgiveness and accuracy. Performing additional super-tuning steps, such as yoke-tuning or moving the cam’s position on the axle, can truly boost arrow-flight performance and your confidence as a bowhunter.

Question: My bow continues to paper-tune with a tail-left tear. I’ve tried moving my rest to the right, to the left, and I’ve adjusted the string-yoke harnesses as suggested by a friend. But I’m still getting a ragged tear and lousy broadhead flight. Can you help? — Alex D., via e-mail

Answer: Bows that don’t tune easy can be frustrating, and I’ve even had a few that wouldn’t tune at all! However, modern-day bows are manufactured with exceedingly close tolerances, so it’s a matter of making a few small adjustments to solve the problem. It could be as easy as resetting the...

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