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The Complete Guide to Summertime Scrapes

The how-to handbook for all-things mock scrapes to help you bag more mature bucks.

The Complete Guide to Summertime Scrapes

When done right, mock scrapes are valuable tools for whitetail hunters. (Photo by Agnieszka Bacal/

Many of today’s deer hunters have learned that one of the best ways to condition and create patterns for bucks in your hunting area is by creating mock scrapes. However, one of the main reasons hunters fail at making successful mock scrapes is they don’t give them enough time to get established. My best mock scrapes have been made months prior to the hunting season. I’m not just creating scrapes for inventory, but I’m trying to condition bucks to come to these locations in hunting season.

Building Mock Scrapes

I’ve been in many arguments when it comes to building mock scrapes. The majority of the arguments have been related to using scents. I...

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