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Complete Guide to Processing Waterfowl from Field to Freezer

Are you getting the most yield and flavor out of your birds at the end of the day?

Complete Guide to Processing Waterfowl from Field to Freezer

This step-by-step guide will cover all the important things that need to happen once the birds are folded and brought to hand. (Photo By: Jack Hennessy)

Preservation While Hunting

This is more of a factor to consider during early season when birds are at risk of spoiling in warm temperatures. The higher the outdoor temps are above 40 degrees, the greater the chance meat can spoil with prolonged exposure. If you’re dressed in thin layers and dropping ducks, it might be worth dressing them on the spot and keeping them in a cooler. A gut-shot bird also requires immediate attention as it will spoil quicker, so if you dropped one at close range, that bird may require a quick exam and smell test.

You want to keep your waterfowl dry, so it helps to include in the cooler some sort of Styrofoam board or barrier between the...

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