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Crash Course: How to Choose the Right Crankbait for Bass

You have lots of options in a crankbait, but don't overlook the No. 1 important thing (video).

The basic concept of fishing a crankbait for bass is pretty simple. Cast, retrieve and wait for the strike, right?

Not so fast. Picking the right crankbait to catch bass actually can be more than a little overwhelming, Shane Beilue says.

The host of Game & Fish's "Crash Course" says anglers face a lot of variables in their crankbait selection. Dozens of colors and styles. Wide wobble. Narrow wobble. Loud rattle. No rattle. Beilue has them all.

And while all of that is important to consistently catching bass, none of it is the No. 1 thing to consider.

"It's always going to be the depth [the bait] runs," Beilue says.

Whether you’re in 18 inches or 18...

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