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Butter Pecan Fish Recipe

Go nuts for this southern favorite.

Butter Pecan Fish Recipe

Breaded, pan-fried, oven-finished, topped with yummy butter pecan sauce. 

Pecans, by themselves, are wonderful to eat. Roasted, they’re even better! And used to coat firm-fleshed fish fillets, they’re sublime.

This recipe is seemingly complicated, but can be easily simplified. The crunchy pecan crust can be used to coat any skinless fish fillets, so long as they’re firm fleshed and fresh. Or you can skip the Cajun spice and change the olive oil out for your preference (though the olive oil lends a great flavor). And depending on the thickness of your fish fillets, you might even be able to skip the oven part of the process. Just don’t skip the butter sauce.

Finally, to take full advantage of the flavor of my...

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