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Broadside Shots for Consistent Results

Want clean, quick kills on deer? Wait for broadside or slightly quartering-away shots at 20 yards or less.

Broadside Shots for Consistent Results

This live 5x5 muley buck is presenting a good broadside shot at under 20 yards. Try to visualize where both of his lungs sit, envision them as balloons, and then try to deflate both balloons with your arrow.

I shot my first deer in Central Texas in 1985. My gear included a spray-painted Hoyt Rambo bow, feather-fletched Easton XX75 Camo Hunter arrows, and NAP Thunderhead 125 broadheads. That first deer was a small doe shot with fingers and no sights, and it was nothing short of life-changing for me. I’ve been addicted to deer hunting ever since.

Equipment has come a long way in 35 years, but the rules for quick kills still remain the same: Close and broadside are best. For me, the shot process is just as important as any set...

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