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Boddington's Top 10 Hunting Cartridges

The best hunting ammunition isn't defined simply by velocity, bullet diameter, or case capacity. Boddington applies his decades of experience to detail which 10 game-getting cartridges got it right, and why.

Boddington's Top 10 Hunting Cartridges
The .45-70 saw the last of the 19th Century bison hunting, and remains a sound choice for bison today. The monster bull was taken with a Wesson & Harrington single-shot .45-70 using hard-cast bullets and heavy blackpowder loads. (Author Photo)

Wow, this one is going to fuel some campfire arguments! We all have strong feelings about our favorite cartridges. An all-time “Top 10 Hunting Cartridges” is a tough list. Some of my personal favorites didn’t make my final list, and several on this list aren’t among my favorites. Criteria I thought about included popularity, longevity, and impact on hunting practices. Some cartridges that made my final list are stand-alone entries while some others made the list because of the “families” of cartridges they begat. Still others were included because of performance characteristics that have been emulated. Note that this is my list. If you’re into...

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