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Boddington's Take: .30-06 Springfield Cartridge

With all the new and exciting rifle cartridges being introduced of late, it's easy to overlook legacy loads like the .30-06 Springfield. My advice, don't sleep on the “Dirty-Ought-Six.”

Boddington's Take: .30-06 Springfield Cartridge

Boddington has rarely seen accuracy problems with the .30-06. This Kimber Mountain Ascent, a test rifle, easily produced sub-MOA groups right out of the box with the first factory load tried. (Photo by Craig Boddington)

Steven Bennett was sitting at the stand we call “Below the Corral.” Just before sunset a tall, heavy eight-pointer came out. Nice buck, tempting. Bennett rolled the dice, let him walk. Past sunset, cloudy, light going fast. Another buck marched into the clearing, this one a good ten-pointer. He raised his rifle, whistled for the buck to stop, was ready when it did. The buck took the bullet hard, tried to run, went down. In the open pasture, not in the dark woods beyond.

The rifle was a new, modern Tikka bolt-action. The cartridge was neither new nor modern. It did its job well, as it had done for more than a century. It was one of the best and most versatile cartridges...

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