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The Best Rifle Cartridge of World War I?

Was the British .303 Mark VII the best Rifle Cartridge of the Great War?

The Best Rifle Cartridge of World War I?

The .303-inch Mk VII was a very effective cartridge and served from 1910 into the Cold War, but was it the best rifle cartridge of World War I?

A wide variety of modern and obsolete cartridges for the time saw service during World War I. These included smokeless and black powder designs with rimmed, semi-rimmed and rimless cases throwing bullets from 6.5mm to about 11mm. A number of cutting edge rifle designs with modern cartridges faced off against each. Plus, there were many obsolete rifles chambered for older cartridges, and many captured rifles were issued to second line units. But, was there one cartridge which stood out, which was the best? One cartridge which gave particularly good service during the war was the British .303-inch Mark VII ball load. So let’s examine that.

Unlike its contemporaries the .303...

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