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The Best Rangefinders Under $200

If you're looking for a budget-friendly new rangefinder, here are four great options.

The Best Rangefinders Under $200

Rangefinders are a great tool for all types of hunting, but prices can usually be steep. Don't spend all your money on another optic; instead, consider these more budget-friendly options. (Photo courtesy of Colton Heward) 

There is a solid argument that the laser rangefinder is one of the most influential tools to aid in a hunter’s success since its introduction in the mid 1990’s. The ability to instantly know the precise yardage of your intended target, no matter your weapon of choice, is a game changer in the hunting world.

As technology has advanced so has the capabilities and portability of rangefinders. They have evolved from clunky binocular-size instruments capable of ranging only a few hundred yards, to fitting into the palm of your hand and giving exact ranges well beyond 1,000 yards. Another benefit of the technological advancements of rangefinders is it has driven the cost down...

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