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Beginner's Bowhunting Luck or Poetic Justice?

A novice arrows a monster whitetail and leaves two veterans holding the short end of the stick.

Beginner's Bowhunting Luck or Poetic Justice?

I captured this image of Mike Short’s giant whitetail as we were hanging treestands a few months prior to bowhunting season.

Just about every bowhunting community has a guy who drives everyone crazy by consistently bagging trophy animals while seemingly never making mistakes. In my community, that guy is Bill Pellegrino.

Bill is an outstanding bowhunter for several reasons. First of all, he has seven world archery titles to his name, so the guy can really shoot. Second, he knows his equipment. He owns and operates Bill Pellegrino’s Archery Hut in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and his store is arguably the finest pro shop in the entire region. And finally, Bill is a killer. It’s an instinct that some have, and some don’t. Being a phenomenal shot does not mean you have it. Bill does, and...

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