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How to Catch Bass on Swimbaits Through the Spring

Here's how the pros fish swimbaits in all phases of peak bass season.

How to Catch Bass on Swimbaits Through the Spring

During the pre-spawn, large swimbaits tend to have the most drawing power in clear water, particularly in channels that lead to spawning flats. (Photo by Ron Sinfelt)

As kids, we learned there are four seasons, but as we matured and got serious about bass fishing, we realized there are six. In addition to summer, autumn and winter, there’s pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn. Failing to break spring into those subsets means failing to understand the most complex—and potentially most productive—time of the year for bass fishing.

Some lures are tied to certain seasons, like jigging spoons in winter. But some baits defy the season, as long as the angler can adapt his approach to the conditions and mood of the fish. Swimbaits are like that. They come in all baitfish shapes and sizes, cover every level of the water column and mimic all...

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