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Battling The Elements On The Hunt For Badland Bucks

With its deep coulees, winding gullies, unique rock formations, and lush grasslands, the Badlands is home to not only dinosaur fossils, but also big whitetail bucks.

Battling The Elements On The Hunt For Badland Bucks

“Do you see him? Right there on the ridge—he’s bedded.”

My rangefinder measured 300 yards. Lindsay steadied his rifle despite his adrenaline pumping from the difficult stalk. Our hunt was coming together. He squeezed the trigger. CRACK! The loud, familiar report of the muzzle brake rang in my ears, yet the buck remained bedded. Lindsay quickly cycled another round. CRACK! My eyes searched for the bedded buck through my binocular. The tall tines that had once sat up distinctively were no longer visible. The bullet had met its mark.


When you think about hiking in the dark to hunt whitetails, most minds...

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